Winners 2023

Dette er vores liste over udvalgte film, finalister og vindere fra 2023 festivalen. 

This is our list of Official selection, finalists and winners of the 2023 festival. 


  • 4AM [France]
  • All is fine [Spain]
  • Bad Service [Norway]
  • Bear Hug [France]
  • Catch The Mackerel [Denmark]
  • Extra Meat [Denmark]
  • Fatih the Conqueror [Turkey]
  • Fortissimo [France]
  • Great Style [Denmark]
  • Hedgehog Spikiney [Croatia]
  • I’m ok you’re ok [Denmark]
  • Just Like Water [Greece]
  • La Nueva (The Newcomer) [Spain]
  • Love Has Nothing To Do With It [Israel]
  • Lumber [United Kingdom]
  • Metro-Tram [Ukraine]
  • MIMESIS [Bulgaria] 
  • My Superpower [New Zealand]
  • Neutral [Austria]
  • New Neighbour [France] 
  • Out of Order [United Kingdom]
  • Pia’s Boobs [Denmark]
  • Resurrection under the Ocean [Turkey]
  • Run For You Life [Denmark]  
  • Secrets of Bukhara [Uzbekistan]
  • She’s Got Talent [Denmark]
  • Sunday Roast [Sweden]
  • The 7th Night: MaoMao Revisits [Malaysia]
  • The Great Connection [Germany]
  • The Marble [Lebanon]
  • The Process [ Spain]
  • Things That Get Lost [Denmark]
  • To fly [Chile]
  • Vaci [Denmark] 
  • Watch me on TV [France]

Winners & Finalists

1 Winners (bold) & Finalists

Audience Award
Sunday Roast [Sweden] 9,4/10
All is fine [Spain] 8,6/10
New Neighbour [France] & Fortissimo [France] 8,4/10

Audience Sweetheart
Sten Ljunggren (Sunday Roast)
Charlotte Wangel (Run For Your Life)
Hugo Arthy (Things That Get Lost)

Best Film
La Nueva (The Newcomer) [Spain]
4AM [France]
Bear Hug [France]

Best Danish Film
Ting Der Bliver Væk / Things That Get Lost
Jeg er okay Du er okay / I’m ok you’re ok
Løb For Livet / Run For Your Life

Best International Film
La Nueva (The Newcomer) [Spain]
4AM [France]
Bear Hug [France]

Best Director
Ivan Villamel (La Nueva)
 Olof Berghe (Sunday Roast)
Mehdi Fikri (4AM)

Best Actress
Amaia Sagasti – La Nueva
Jeanne Rosa (4AM)
Hanna Azoulay Hasfari (Love has nothing to do with it)

Best Actor
Sten Ljunggren – Sunday Roast 
Romain Lancry (New Neighbour)
Rudi Køhnke (She’s got talent)
Peter Gantzler (I’m okay you’re okay)

Best Childrens Film
Bear Hug [France]
Things That Get Lost [Denmark]
Hedgehog Spikiney [Croatia]

Best Entertainment Film
La Nueva (The Newcomer) [Spain]
4AM [France]
Sunday Roast [Sweden]

Best Documentary
Secrets of Bukhara [Uzbekistan]
Resurrection under the Ocean [Turkey]
Just Like Water [Greece]

Best Animation Film
Bear Hug [France]
Hedgehog Spikiney [Croatia]
The 7th Night: MaoMao Revisits [Malaysia]

Best Comedy
New Neighbour [France]
Bad Service [Norway]
Fortissimo [France]

Best Film Class Short
Vaci [Denmark] 

Alle beslutninger er endelige og vil ikke blive ændret.

All decisions are final and not subject to change.