October 5th-7th, 2023

Why have a Film Festival in Brejning?

The short film needs to get out to an audience and show its worth. It has a lot to offer the audience. Brejning is a cultural city with a lot of social and voluntary activity. Personally, I could not find a better match. The films are selected to entertain, amaze and inspire the audience. We're not looking for the next Von Trier, but for the next great movie experience.
Festival Director Claire Svendsen

We are ready for the next season of Brejning Film Festival.

The festival is a cultural initiative in Brejning, and should spread knowledge of the short film’s fantastic world and showing off Brejning’s beautiful surroundings.

Unlike other film festivals, we have a two-part jury consisting of a film industry jury and an audience jury.

Our first screening is in:

  • 00Days



We visit Cafe Brejning, which is a volunteer-run cafe and houses many exciting events. The cafe was the location for our first season.

During the festival you are able to enjoy one of the house’s refreshments while the screenings take place. There is a large drinks menu, desserts and meals at cheap rates.

It’s a really nice place and perfect for experiencing the Brejning hospitality. You’ll gain new friends in minuts.

The event

The festival takes place all over Brejning/Børkop on different locations every day. Saturday we are having the award show at the prestigious Comwell Hotel in Brejning

Brejning Film Festival  is show all over the community to institutions (for both youths and elderly) during the day, and at cultural hotspots in Brejning/Børkop at night. 


Winners are announced at the Award Show October 8th.

Winners will receive the festival laurels (digital) and a PDF certificate. Finalists og “Official selections” will receive the festival laurels (digital).

Some of our awards:

  • Best Danish Short film
  • Best International Short film
  • Best Director
  • Best Actor
  • Best Actress

Notification date (Selections): No later than October 1st.

Tickets & Program

No need for a ticket. Show up, and we'll find you a seat.

Attending the film festival

Get airport & transport info, as well as local info

Social Media

Submit your film on FilmFreeway

We accept film between 0-15 min. via FilmFreeway.com. We open for submission for the new season around New Years-

There might be a minor fee on international submission.
Remember English subtitles. Also apply for English speaking films.

Please make sure to read all rules and terms on our FilmFreeway-page before submitting your project.

The Jury

In our opinion a film is only a real success when both the industry people and the audience agree that it is good.

The audience (who are the end users / customers of the films) should be heard when the films are evaluated. They are the ones who ultimately pay to go to the cinema and rent movies. It’s about the value of the film to the audience.

We are a unique festival as most film festivals are judged solely by people from the film industry.

Our jury consists of:

The film industry jury judges the professional aspects of the films. Is the craftmanship up to standard?

The audience jury judges the entertainment value and whether one can relate to the film.

Want to become a part of the jury?


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